Climate for the best travel time

You know when your vacation is but not where the ideal, seasonal destination is? So your question is:

Where is the best place to go in February?

And what does "the best" in this case mean?
Do you opt for a tropical temperature of 95 degrees or would you prefer a cooler 70 degrees? And what about the water-temperature? Chill out at 65 degrees or better still, drift along on the floating mattress all day at 80 degrees? As you see, the question is not as simple as it seems....

With, you can plan your most suitable vacation time.

Our vacation planner for comparative, climatic conditions, helps you plan the perfect trip. Regardless of the month in which you are traveling, it tells you where and when the desired climate is. You can even compare water temperature, hours of sunshine, rainy days and humidity. Additional information like the country's currency, current exchange rates, the weather and the spoken languages are a given, as well as the time differences and the best bargains for flights, hotel stays and car rentals.

Just give it a go. Enter your vacation month and click "Find destinations":

What time of year do you plan to have your vacation?

Alternatively, you can also have a look at the right pane where you can search for the climate in certain cities or countries to ensure your dream vacation, at least from the weather aspect!

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I wish you relaxing and sun-filled holidays!

Martin Tietz

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